Biomuseo Panama: An entertaining educational experience

Today I enjoyed a wonderful educational experience at the Biomuseo. This building is unique both in architectural design and its ability to bring Panama’s geological, scientific and social history to life. The Biomuseo is located on the Amador Causeway, providing you with an aesthetically pleasing experience even before entering the building.

IMG_20170513_165517_465-2-300x300 Biomuseo Panama: An entertaining educational experience

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The building was designed by architect Frank Gehry. It is a beautiful mosaic of colours which may seem confusing at first. However, the friendly staff members explained its unique design. The design represents a cluster of trees in the rain-forest with the roof even providing you with the sensation of rain in a rain-forest if you happen to visit the Biomuseo when it is raining. Yes you will get wet while in the reception area of the building. The colorful roof represents the forest canopy.

On entering the museum, you will be greeted by friendly staff who speak both English and Spanish. We purchased our tickets and were presented with a hand held device that could be used to learn information at each exhibit.



The exhibits begin with an introduction to biodiversity. ¬†Genetic, species and ecological diversity is presented by various exhibits on the wall. The exhibits are lively. Their colors burst out with authenticity. You feel that you are right there with them. The pinnacle of this learning experience is the Panamarama. The Panamarama gives you a fascinating visual and auditory experience through Panama’s ecosystem. You go beneath the ocean. You visit waterfalls. Ants walk beneath your feet in the rain-forest and you soar over the trees while traveling through Panama’s diverse ecosystems.

Geological history

After viewing the Panamarama, you gently walk downwards. You walk down into Panama’s history and geology. You view the rocks that make up Panama and learn about how the country came into being. From here, you seamlessly walk into the center of the room. This area¬†is filled with huge white exhibits. Their color invoking a sense of their ghosts. Their size invoking their importance. And their stillness provoking a sense of their mystery.

IMG_20170513_165517_465-2-300x300 Biomuseo Panama: An entertaining educational experience

Finally you explore the history of man’s interactions through Panama. The Native American journey through and in Panama is explored. Their artifacts and way of life is on vivid display.

IMG_20170513_165517_465-2-300x300 Biomuseo Panama: An entertaining educational experience


In conclusion, the Biomuseo is truly a wonderful, educational experience.




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