FBE Mathematics Exam workbook: Why your child needs it

We know that most students struggle with mathematics. However, your child’s ability to pass the FBE Mathematics Exit Exam can be greatly improved by allowing your child to practice using Mathematics FBE Exit Exam Preparation workbook. Here, I will explain why this workbook is the best practice material for the FBE exit exam. FBE Mathematics

Biomuseo Panama: An entertaining educational experience

Today I enjoyed a wonderful educational experience at the Biomuseo. This building is unique both in architectural design and its ability to bring Panama’s geological, scientific and social history to life. The Biomuseo is located on the Amador Causeway, providing you with an aesthetically pleasing experience even before entering the building. The building was designed

Improve your kid’s math grades in 3 steps

Math have provided students and parents with a lot of head aches over the years. Kids become traumatized by the very thought of going to class and parents are in constant agony  about their kids’ performance. Any student who wants to improve their math grade can do this in three easy steps. Step 1: Start

How to pass Mathematics: You have to work at it

  How do I pass mathematics has been the question that most students who struggle with mathematics have uttered numerous times. Yes. You have to work at it! There is no magical formula. There is no secret code. In addition, this may be surprising to many, but only a very small percent of people are actually

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