FBE Mathematics Exam workbook: Why your child needs it

FBE_thumbnail-230x300 FBE Mathematics Exam workbook: Why your child needs it

We know that most students struggle with mathematics. However, your child’s ability to pass the FBE Mathematics Exit Exam can be greatly improved by allowing your child to practice using Mathematics FBE Exit Exam Preparation workbook. Here, I will explain why this workbook is the best practice material for the FBE exit exam.

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FBE Mathematics exam workbook starts from the basics

The book builds your child’s knowledge. Basic skills are carefully strengthened. Consequently, mastery of basic skills improves the understanding of more advanced mathematical thinking. A good understanding of multiplication is need to understand division. A child needs to understand fractions in order to master percents. Therefore, the book provides numerous practice problems in fundamental skills. Consequently, more advanced skills become easier to learn.

FBE Mathematics exam workbook emphasizes problem solving

The book fully in-cooperates word problems. Students tend to have difficulty with problem solving. However, if students are taught how to problem solve by using some fundamental steps, their grasp of this important skill will be greatly improved. Mathematics FBE Exit Exam Preparation workbook introduces problem solving skills early. The book guides students through the reading and brainstorming process. Word problems are presented after all basic drills to illustrate the use of these drills in the problem solving process.

FBE Mathematics exam workbook encourages practice

Practice, practice, practice. The book contains over 1700 practice problems which are designed to closely mimic the type of questions that the child would encounter on the FBE Mathematics exam. This builds the child’s confidence and provide them with familiarity of the exam. The workbook nature allows the child to never misplace any worksheet.This is important because it allows the student to write their work in it. No longer does the student need to depend on a disorganized notebook or use practice papers that tend to get lost. As your child progresses through the book, she can easily turn back a few pages to recall how she did a specific problem. The book continuously repeats previously covered concepts. Therefore, they remain fresh in your child’s mind.


The bottom line is that Mathematics FBE Exit Exam Preparation workbook is designed with the St. Maarten sixth grade student in mind. It provides them with the necessary practice and exam familiarity to be able to achieve success in the FBE Mathematics exit exam. This book strengthens weak areas and builds confidence.


Where can you get it?

Mathematics FBE Exit Exam Preparation workbook is available at Van Dorp bookstore and on Amazon.

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