Improve your kid’s math grades in 3 steps

product_thumbnail Improve your kid's math grades in 3 steps

Math have provided students and parents with a lot of head aches over the years. Kids become traumatized by the very thought of going to class and parents are in constant agony  about their kids’ performance. Any student who wants to improve their math grade can do this in three easy steps.

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Step 1: Start from the beginning

Understanding mathematics is like building a house: you must have a firm understanding of the basic skills. A student must have an understanding of multiplication before they can divide. A good handle of fractions and decimals is crucial to the understanding  of percents. Parents and kids must be honest with what the child needs to learn and work on those weak areas rather than worrying about passing the next test. The knowledge gained will lead to greater success in the long run.

Step 2: Practice

Students learn by doing. A student can not achieve success in math by simply watching others do math problems. That student must actually do the problems themselves. They must do the problem to train their brain with the proper mental steps. They must do the problems to understand what difficulty that them may have. Doing math problems allow the student to make mistakes and learn to correct them. No one learns to ride a bicycle by watching others do it. The same applies to mathematics.

Step 3: Get a good book

The above ideas can only be implemented with a good book. A book that provides ample practice and allows a student to develop their skills from the basic concepts. The book should also be able to allow the student to recognize the role of problem solving. As the student moves through the book, it should constantly repeat concepts taught earlier so that the student does not forget. Caribbean 6th grade Mathematics Exam Preparation Workbook by Delroy Pierre is perfect in developing these mathematical skills. The 5 star rated book contains over 1700 practice problems and progresses from basic to more challenging concepts.

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